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This film is going to be amazing. If you feel inspired, if you’re a runner, or if you love documentaries, please help these guys out with their Kickstarter Campaign:



Daniel Martin Diaz

Sacred Machine is a museum and curiosity shop for the creations of world-renowned Tucson artist and musician Daniel Martin Diaz, and wife and co-founder of their band Blind Divine, Paula Catherine Valencia.


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Soul of Science Art book

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The hardest part sometimes for any runner is just getting out the door. You move through the barriers. You get into that zone.
I thought running was romantic and special, and I just got around by foot, self propulsion. So, that’s what I did.

I run because it’s meditative. It is a good way to clean myself out and let ideas flow. I always have better ideas, more clear about my thoughts. I need to be happy when I run. It’s complete freedom.

— Micah True

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The morning train

The morning train

A dog came to the office today. It was pretty great.

I don’t even want to know what my skin looks like under UV. It’s probably pretty bad. Wear your sunscreen

Ben Howard - End of the Affair

New song is killer! The next album is going to be great.